Inspirations for a Daisy-Themed Wedding

So, my aunt is getting married!  I’ve actually known for a while, but I’ve started looking for stuff for her to fit her theme, and there is so much out there and it is all so beautiful.

She wants a daisy-themed wedding, and has said that she’d like to get married in May.  She’s such a carefree, beautiful person, and she has modeled her entire wedding after her personality.  I can only describe what she has decided on as bohemian, because she wants it outside, with bare feet, simple sundresses for the bridesmaids, and lots of daisies!

In May of last year, I went with her and her now-fiance to look at a place to have her “maybe” wedding.  See, he’d asked her before, but she said no because she just wasn’t ready.  She’d been married before, and I think she just had a fear of experiencing something bad all over again.

BUT, she finally realized that she has found herself an amazing man, and he asked her again and this time, she said yes.  So happy for her!  They are such an amazing couple.  They have a great sense of humor, and remind me so much of Jason and myself.

Anyway, I decided to put together this little dose of inspiration for her…and anyone else who may be planning a summer-y/spring-y wedding involving daisies.

The place we went to look at is in the middle of a historically accurate, reproduction town.  We live in North Carolina, so cute little antique-y places abound, but this place is close by and full of charm.  The only downside is that it is TINY and there is no way we could fit even OUR family inside the little chapel, let alone family AND friends.  So, if she does go with this location, we’d have to do it outside, which is absolutely perfect.

The place is so cute.  I would be tempted to use it if Jason and I ever get married, even though I would like a winter wedding and the place is closed in winter.  Maybe a good talk with the owner, and I could still book it…..

Anyway…this is the location.

SAMSUNG DIGIMAX A503The chapel is tiny, but absolutely stunning.  It would be perfect for any wedding with a vintage, bohemian, or rustic feel.

SAMSUNG DIGIMAX A503A shot of the front of the chapel shows that the “Chapel of Peace” as it’s called, has a small front porch area that is large enough for the ceremony.  If you would like to have your wedding at the chapel but still have it outside, guests could sit out in front of the chapel while the vows were said on the front porch.

But, if you had a very tiny guest list that could actually fit inside the chapel, take a look at the altar:

The decorations seen here are the ones that stay in the chapel as part of the decor, but of course, they could be removed for your ceremony and replaced with what you have.  Isn’t it perfect for a vintage/bohemian wedding!?

I wish I would have gotten a photo of the seating.  They are simple benches made of logs that have been cut.  Not much seating, to be honest.  You could probably only seat about forty people.

My aunt has mentioned that she definitely wants to use yellow in her wedding, so I put together some palettes that could work for her (or you).

daisypalI am a big fan of the yellow and gray palette, but I also like the yellow, blue, and white palette.  I saw a wedding using the yellow and pink and the yellow and orange palettes, and the yellow and soft buttercream palette is really simple.  The yellow and mint is something I thought might go well for a bright theme.  After all, not all brides are going to use the classic white and yellow daisy like my aunt is.  The Gerber daisy is another big one that is being used.

I tried to put together palettes that were easy to adjust.  All the colors could go lighter or darker and still look nice.

I found a VERY CUTE aisle decoration idea on pinterest earlier.

daisyrusticaisleAnother good idea for centerpieces, huh?  Simple and cheap.  And I love the mason jars.  You could also do tin cans filled with daisies and baby’s breath.  Cute!

As for the bridesmaids and the bride’s dress, I think simplicity would go really well with the theme.  My aunt has expressed to me that she’d like to go that route, but other’s may like something a bit more fancy.  So, I have put together an inspiration board!


Daisy Darlings Wedding Inspiration Board

Unique Wedding Shopping: Etsy

**Note that I am not doing this post as a review and am not getting paid in any way for doing this post.  This is purely my opinion.  I really do love etsy this much.  So much that I have the etsy app on my phone and browse in my free time.**

So, in planning a wedding, I am sure all brides want something a bit different that will set their wedding apart.  I went on a search for places to find unique items for your wedding, whether its decorations, accessories, even the dress.

Etsy is the only place I have been able to find anything remotely “unique”, as in…something I’d never seen before, or things I never thought I’d see.

The good thing about is not just that pretty much everything is handmade (and there are lots of vegan and organic choices, too!), but there is a “wedding” section that narrows down your search right off the bat.  No browsing through iPad covers while trying to look for invitations, etc.  It’s all in one place.  And of course, you can search for primarily what you are looking for.

The main etsy weddings page is laid out in categories:  dresses, rings, decor, paper goods, bridal accessories, and wedding party.  There is also a “trends” section where you can see whats popular in the wedding department from etsy, and a “real weddings” section, which is pretty cool because you can see real couples who used custom, hand made, and etsy-found items in their weddings.

Let’s explore!  First, I clicked on the “dresses” category.  I am then presented with different options.  Vintage, Handmade, Reception, and Alternative.  Let’s go with Handmade, shall we?

I found this gorgeous handmade dress from pandaandshamrock.

pandaandshamrockYou can view this beauty and buy it here.  This is one of the most gorgeous gowns I have laid eyes on…and trust me, I have browsed quite a few.  And the price is very reasonable.  IF I had a wedding to plan, I might consider buying this beauty.

Let’s look for a reception dress.  I might not want to go to the reception in my full on wedding gown…so, let’s just look for options.

Now, this dress from CallMeChula is perfection.  For me, anyways.

receptiondressYou can view and buy it here.

What’s next?  Hm…how about some decor?  Let’s say you’re having a nice vintage-themed wedding.  Etsy has literally TONS of options.

I found a mason jar light arrangement that would be absolutely perfect, as well as this antique book bundle that would be perfect for a large centerpiece for the head table at the reception.  That’s just two of the many things I found that would work perfectly.  I strongly suggest just taking the time to look around.

What if I need a vintage cake topper?

toppersThis one could be just what you’re looking for.

Those are just three items from the many categories in the “decorations” category.  You could seriously browse all day, though I wouldn’t recommend it…considering the fact you’d end up with way too many options for decorations.

Then, you have the paper good category, where you can get invitations, guest book, thank you cards, escort cards…everything paper related.

For example, these invitations from nmiphotocreations:

nmiphotocreationsGiving tree invitations!?  Why, of course!!  (And if you haven’t read that book, please do!!)

Now let’s take a look at bridal accessories!

A garter, a veil, a bouquet, and even the shoes!

AND…we can’t forget the wedding party!

I love these custom-made bridesmaids dresses from LvsFashion.  Especially the blue-ish one in the middle.

bridesmaidsAvailable here.

I won’t go into it, but you can find some amazing bridesmaids gifts on etsy, too!

I fell in love with this flower girl dress from FrillsandFireflies.

flowergirlAvailable here.

And of course, it all starts with an ENGAGEMENT RING….like this one from kristincoffin.

engagementringPurchase here.

AND the wedding bands for you and your guy.

These from bmjnyc are incredible (and were featured in Huffington Post Weddings!).

twigbandsPurchase here.

So, there you have it, pretty much everything you could think of in one place, and it’s all unique!

I hope this helped in your search for unique wedding items.