4 Alternatives to Unity Candles and Unity Sand

It’s a tradition to do some kind of “unity ceremony” in weddings.  Whether it’s the unity candle or unity sand, they both symbolize the same thing…two individuals coming together.  But for those who want to go the nontraditional route, but still want to symbolize a new union, here are some ideas.

1.)Plant a tree together in a nice pot together at your ceremony.  Both can water it, and then you have a nice little piece for your home.

2.) Each person has a gold fish (or other type of fish, as long as they aren’t the dominant or fighting kind…for example, no betas or Japanese fighting fish!).  Each fish is in a separate bowl, and for the unity ceremony, put them in one bowl together.  Again, a cute addition to the home.

3.) The “unity cocktail”.  Look up a cocktail recipe you like, and each person has the different ingredients.  Mix them together as part of the union ceremony.

4.) If you are getting married at a church, plant a tree together some place around the church together before your ceremony.  This works great if you’d rather share the unity between just the two of you and not an entire crowd.  OR, you could do it as part of the ceremony in front of the guests, if you wish.



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