2 Wedding Inspiration Boards: Purples & Mint, Gold, and Coral

Hello everyone!!

For my first post here on GMTTC, I have made two brand new, never before seen inspiration boards.  I plan on doing a whole bunch of these, just to inspire you or give you ideas.  🙂  Enjoy!

“Plum Passionate” Wedding Inspiration Board

Plum Passionate Wedding Inspiration Board

Purple bridesmaid dress
$63 – bhs.co.uk

Coloriffics shoes
$93 – elegantsteps.co.uk

Yellow gold jewelry

Wrap bracelet

Shu uemura pink eyeshadow

Witchery lip makeup
$18 – witchery.com.au

Cosmetic bag

Essie nail polish
$16 – thehut.com

Nail lacquer

The “Plum Passionate” set is based on shades of purple.  I chose a soft lavender shade, along with a deeper plum/eggplant shade.  BUT, you cold use pretty much any range of purples that you liked and still use some of the items pictured.
“Mint, Gold, & Coral” Wedding Inspiration Board


Mint, Gold, and Coral Wedding Inspiration

Mint flat

Charlotte olympia

This particular palette is the one I would have gone with if I hadn’t already chosen the palette for my currently-non-existant future wedding.  I just love the vintage feeling of the gold, mint and coral together, plus, there are lots of options out there for decorations and dress options, as well.
You don’t have to use the exact products listed here.  However, I have included them just in case anyone was interested.  🙂

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